The Mountain Came Alive revolves around the life of a mountain. Hand-lettering provided a personal representation for the overall project. By utilizing textural and collage elements, the CD continues Adam Booth's storytelling series. Adam's second installment provides a story of a mountain, that teaches children to be aware of their culture, and environment. 

Brainstorming and Concept
When Adam approached me about the project I knew this CD package would be something different and out of the box. To continue his brand, he wanted to have a similar look to his first CD, "The Mingo Black" Use of textures, imagery, and typography is the art that caters to his style and aesthetics. Adam told me in advance that the material for this project will be used for the web for a informative approach to the project. With that in mind, I strategized to maintain his fans/ audience. Another obstacle he informed, the audience he wanted to target are children age 7-12 and as 'a child at heart' he wants to capture all age groups and inform them of the message.

MAIN GOAL: Personal and Approachable 
• The use of bright colors.
• Combination of playful typography and serif body type.
• Reach out to the audience to spread out the message that Adam wants to inform.
• Use as much art, photography, hand-written material from Adam.

PACKAGE GOALS: Infinite and Continuity
Have imagery that continues throughout the package.
• Hand written typography to have a message of its own. Substance. Impact.
• When opened it welcomes you, not knowing the ultimate goal of the project.
• The message is said in the booklet — in Adam's own words what the package is about.
• The consumer will have a impact when the package is bought and in his or her grasp.


CYCLE OF THE DESIGN: Marketing, Strategy, and Concept
Adam Booth --> "The Mountain Came Alive" in the market/ shelves of stores --> Consumer buys --> Consumer examines the package (front and back) --> When opened is welcomed with messages from author — continues to listen the CD --> Will read the booklet while listening --> When the consumer reads the final page of booklet the true message is realized --> Makes consumer think, research, and approach Adam with new thoughts.

Title Treatment: Sketches and Options
To provide that personal touch, hand written typography was utilized to maintain the personal aesthetics.



Package Progress:  
Textural imagery is utilized to maintain Adam Booth's brand. Bright colors was used to provide that child at heart.


Final Results: Package, CD, Booklet