My name is Kristian Dela Cruz, and I am a UX/UI Designer, digital illustrator, and motivator currently working at Booz Allen Hamilton. I've had the opportunity to work with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), National Institute of Health, Department Health Agency, U.S. Army, General Assembly, Choice Hotels International, Ignite Media Solutions and Discovery Communications. Being passionate about design gives me the opportunity to engage my projects with my skills of user experience design, user Interface design, art direction, advertisement and brand development. I believe that creating usable products needs to be rigorously researched and tested by the users. One of my design goals is to travel the world and photograph images of unique textures and create a book that impacts an individual's emotions. My dream is to continue to tackle user experience problems, strive for human-centered thinking and create impactful designs for the future. I currently live in Frederick, Maryland with my cats Dot, Zoey, Skye (the hairless one) and my fiancé Timothy. 

Dy - nam - ics  [dahy-nam-iks] ( used with a plural verbs ) -  the motivating or driving forces, physical or moral, in any field. A source or force that will expand its longevity.

Motivate // Inspire // Communicate