I was honored to concept and design the AIGA Blue Ridge Flux 2013 Student Design Competition collateral. With research and brainstorming I wanted to cater the art to the college design students. Although students are used to typographic posters, screen prints, and illustrations — I wanted to step away from that and do a composite / photo-manipulation that would attract eager college students to submit work in the competition. By sticking to the copy, "Are You The Future of Design?" the glowing orb is the focal point of the design, while the fortune teller supports the overall concept. 

Mood board
I approached the project with a mood board to start off. With a clear vision of a ominous and textural style I wanted to aim for a mood board with designers and illustrator with the similar style.
*The images shown were used for brainstorming purposes and the art pieces are not owned by me. 

Gathering the right the images was crucial. The look and feel was important for the overall concept. A dark wood background was used to so that the focal point would stand out.



Photoshop Progress
Utilizing Photoshop was helpful with the progress of the design. Layering shadows, imagery, textures, and light effects was important to create the environment I was envisioning. By using plenty of the Levels, Curves, and Hue/ Saturation — I was able to create an ominous composite. 



The typography should stand out without over-powering the imagery. With the use of the green, which corresponds to one of the sponsors of the events. I was able to have the typography standout on its own without losing the information.  


I had an opportunity to work with a Sean Mahr and collaborated on the web design. Being cautious of the web aspect — I wanted the composite be able to work on the web and still have the look and feel on the print material.  



11x17 Poster and Postcards