User experience design, visual design, usability testing

To reduce paper-to-paper interaction within National Institute of Health, Data and Specimen Hub (DASH) was created to upload research studies from Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. By focusing on an AGILE environment, this project provided an opportunity to use UX processes for the first time, on an extensive data based effort. My task was to create a better user experience by utilizing wireframing, user flows, user stories, usability testing, rapid prototyping, brand development and visual design. 

Logo Design
Creating a simple logo to conceptually symbolize the entire application was extensive. The mark represents an abstract representation of data that needed to be sorted and researched. Flexibility was important to show how diverse the application is through research and data. 

Created wireframes on the tutorial page and internal pages. This was then taken for approval from the product owners then moved on to rapid prototyping.

Design Mockup
By working closely with my teammates we rapid prototyped the tutorial page and quickly moved it into development. The team wanted to keep the tutorial as simple and usable so what users access it that all the information is in one location.

1. As the project progressed, more features were implemented the tutorial page will be ever-changing. The next iteration is going to be a new design for the tutorial so users can obtain the information quickly.

2. The Product Owners had a difficult time understanding user experience processes and avoided usability testing. This pain point provided a increased backlog of usability and engineering issues. 

Lessons Learned
1. Continue to push usability testing as much as possible even if it's not on the schedule.

2. Work closely with the Engineers and collaborate to fix problems quicker.