delacruz DYNAMICS
Kristian Dela Cruz

GEICO App Redesign


User experience designer, visual design, interaction designer, user researcher

• Refresh the user interface of the first screen after user initiates username/password
• Continue to cater to GEICO audience
• Continue to expand GEICO App and branch off for better user experience

• Conduct user research to learn about current users and potential customers
• Create high-fidelity mockups
• Reorganize the UI for readability and consistency



User Research | Reviews

To get a better understanding of what current users are experiencing I had an opportunity to look at current reviews. With the recent updates, I was able to pull reviews from December 19 – January 10. This data was critical in my assessment of what UI I needed to fix or reorganize in the existing App. 


User Research | Survey

I conducted a survey to get a grasp of the landscape of current users on insurance plans. The information compiled will be used to get a better understanding of user’s needs. This data allows me to identify what touch points I need to organize in the current application.

70% of the participants were between the age 18-25
13% of the participants was between the age 26-31
have Car insurance
29% have Allstate Insurance
19% have State Farm Insurance
14% have GEICO insurance
24% have another form of insurance
35% would want a “Pay My Bill” feature on a insurance app
30% would want a Digital ID Card feature
6% would want Roadside Assistance

Usability Testing | Current GEICO Mobile Application

Family Orientated Adults
User 1 | Age 31
User 2 | Age 32

User 3 | Age 19
User 4 | Age 25
User 5 | Age 24

6 Participants

Following the quantitative research, I conducted empathy studies to understand what people want in an insurance app. The empathy research helped me validate and challenge the results from the survey. I recruited people who were looking for insurance or who already have insurance.


Wireframes | Sketches

UI Goals
• Create consistency with the icons.
• Avoid distractions with colors.
• Continue brand consistency and provide an experience on the loading page.
• Continue to discovery pain points of users through usability testing.
• Conceptualizing interaction for personalization. 



Design Mockups

Using the data from the survey and usability testing, I redesigned the current user interface. Once new design mockups are approved, I will create prototypes using InVision to allow select users to interact with the new experience and new UI. These users will provide feedback which will allow me to validate the new design options.

Design choices

• Create longer rows for readability.
• Color consistency on icons.
• Use colors to highlight the separate rows.
• Propose a personalization feature where the user can organize the top priorities on their chose.
The interaction: the user would press and hold the row for 2 seconds, and the interface will lift up, and she or he can drag the column where they choose.