Image Credit from Divvie

Divvie Social Media App: User Research

User experience design, visual design, interaction design, user testing/research

A avid user of the App I found certain touch points that created roadblocks during my experience. While taking the General Assembly User Experience Design class I wanted to utilize the UX skills that I've learned on the course. This App is only supported on mobile iOS— this will let me explore different user experiences and interactions that is only support on Apple products.

• Perform usability testing to validate assumptions and pain points.
• Create a new UI for the navigation.
• Create iOS Graphic Patterns for designers and developers. 
• Establish personas for future updates and testing.

Usability Testing
I conducted usability testing on 5 individuals to validate assumptions on user experience issues that I've experienced. 

Form is clear and simple when I enter the App.
• User pushed and held the record button thinking it would record (similar to Vine)— which is not.
• Titles are confusing. Not sure if its on the top or bottom coordinate.
• Difficulty on the drop down menu to network with other users.
• Confusion about naming conventions: "Contribute"

User Flow
I've learned that this App is very repetitive on certain touch points. This user flow will provide a better understanding on navigation, UI and interaction factors for future updates.  

With competitive analysis data on iOS mobile applications I learned that a consistent navigation on the bottom of the screen was crucial. I want to create a similar navigation system that is in one place and is in easy reach for the user. By quickly sketching I made wireframes that highlights several pain points that needs to be fixed and tested. 

Next Steps
I've contacted the creators and they agreed for me to help them on future updates. They know the application is lacking on a good user experience and want me to help them improve the UI. With the rise of video in social media they want to have a better following and better UX is high in their priority list.